Thursday, July 28, 2011

IvyGen for Blender 2.59

Hi All - I'd just like to point out an awesome tool that I saw being worked on in the #blendercoders IRC.  It is a port of the Ivygen found here:, so that you can make Ivy directly in Blender without going to an external program.  I always dig things like this that improve workflow.  Less app switching equals more time!

<--script download--> [Blender build 38768 or newer]
Work in progress forum thread

Quick Tutorial on how to use the tool

1. Enable the addon
2. To define the starting point of where the ivy should grow, place the 3d cursor on the mesh by
selecting a vert or face in edit mode and using "shift+s->cursor to selected"
3. From object mode, Use Shift+A->Add Curve->Add Ivy
4. Press F6 to modify the the ivy parameters, click "Update Ivy" to update the last ivy you were working on or "Add new Ivy" to duplicate the ivy you were were working on so you can modify the duplicate.

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  1. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the advice. I tried out the Ivygen tool, and it's really cool.