Thursday, July 28, 2011

IvyGen for Blender 2.59

Hi All - I'd just like to point out an awesome tool that I saw being worked on in the #blendercoders IRC.  It is a port of the Ivygen found here:, so that you can make Ivy directly in Blender without going to an external program.  I always dig things like this that improve workflow.  Less app switching equals more time!

<--script download--> [Blender build 38768 or newer]
Work in progress forum thread

Quick Tutorial on how to use the tool

1. Enable the addon
2. To define the starting point of where the ivy should grow, place the 3d cursor on the mesh by
selecting a vert or face in edit mode and using "shift+s->cursor to selected"
3. From object mode, Use Shift+A->Add Curve->Add Ivy
4. Press F6 to modify the the ivy parameters, click "Update Ivy" to update the last ivy you were working on or "Add new Ivy" to duplicate the ivy you were were working on so you can modify the duplicate.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Non Obvious Tips and Tricks for Mypaint

Some functionality in mypaint is not all that obvious and I have not even seen some of it in the documentation. Here you'll get to see me reveal some of these tricks and get a sneak peak of the next Mypaint in development.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Quick Screenshots in Linux and Windows

Update - zscreen is now called "sharex"

So, one of the biggest hassles when working with other people on the web is screenshots. Often times a picture is worth a thousand words and is the best way to illustrate a point, but working with screenshots the manual way is a time suck and really boring work. Probably, for most people, the workflow goes something like this: Hit printscreen, open photoshop/gimp, open new file with the same size as your screensize, paste the screenshot, crop the screenshot, save the screenshot, upload the screenshot to an image sharing site, copy the link, paste the link to forum, facebook or whatever. It's tedious and makes me not want to do it at all!

Well, I found an excellent app for Windows a couple years back. Enter ShareX. You just ctrl+printscreen, then drag a box over what you want to capture, then paste a link to wherever you want the image to show up. Quick and easy, takes less than 2 seconds per screenshot. Yay.

Well, I've upgraded from XP to Ubuntu 11.04 and am always on the lookout for apps that will replace some of the gems I had access to in Windows. I tried a ton of different screenshot apps in Linux and was disappointed by all until I found a simple script. Pyshare. This works similarly to zscreen except it works from the right click menu->Scripts->SendWindowScreenshot and boom, instantly you have a screenshot uploaded to imageshack and your choice of link style. Oh, and it works with files and
videos too!

Go try them out and enjoy the extra free time not doing boring cropping and saving in big image editors!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sculpting Shortcuts for Blender

Just made a quick screen-cast on Blender Sculpting Shortcuts to adjust Size, Strength and Angle of the Brush. Good for those just learning the sculpting in Blender, but I made it for ulterior motives. I'm trying to convince the mypaint developers that it is a superior way for brush resizing and would love to see something similar in mypaint instead of having to hit the 'd' and 'f' keys dozens of times to get the brush size you want.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Multiselect Menu

Tonight I updated one of my older add-ons for Blender 2.58. It exposes functionality that has always been in Blender, but few people know about, the ability to have multiple selection modes at once. Additionally, this addon has been merged with the dynamic spacebar addon that ships with Blender, but I personally like my light weight version.