Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hi all, I'll try to post to this blog now and again on my current projects, endeavors, and life in general. Here is my latest mini-project. I've often found that I want to adjust certain settings in the Blender User preferences for just an action or two and then switch them back. But it's so inconvenient to do so in the regular user preferences! To solve the problem, I wrote a new Blender addon called that allows super speedy access to lighting and other user prefs. (The lighting is great for sculpting.) Anyway here it is:

Feedback thread


  1. That's a really good idea!

  2. Hey Sean ...this is one cool tool. Thanks.
    I am blown away at how awesomely generous the Blender community is ...especially the programmer/artists such as yourself who devote so much time to creating the tools that make life so much easier for us.

    My 14 year-old son is entering high school in the fall and he has wanted to learn to design and program computer games since he was 7 years old. Can you suggest which computer language may be best for him to begin learning?



  3. @Terry Definitely have him learn C/C++. Pretty much all AAA games out there are made with these languages. Additionally I would recommend he do a lot of reading on and